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Black Berkey Red Food Dye Test

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Black Berkey Red Food Dye Test (10 ml)

The red food dye test for Berkey Water Filters allows you to see for yourself how powerful Black Berkey water filters are. This way you can check if Berkey Water Filters do what the manufacturer promises. The Black Berkey Red Food Dye Test is very useful for both new and existing customers to ensure that Berkey water filters are working as they should. We advise to do this test every 6 months. This test is only suitable for the Black Berkey Water Filter elements. This test only works with artificial red food dye without added glucose, sugars or thickeners.

How to do the Black Berkey Red Food Dye test

  • Prime/prepare the Black Berkey Water Filters.
  • Remove the Fluoride Filters if you have already installed these.
  • Place a glass under each Black Berkey Water Filter in the bottom reservoir.
  • Fill the top reservoir of the Berkey Water Filter and add 3-10 drops of red food dye
  • Look if the filtered water coming from the filters is bright, and not pink or red. If the water is pink or red, then check whether the filters are installed correctly. Are the nuts tightened well? Don't use too much force, because if you over-tighten them, they will start leaking. Have you installed the seals well? Check the instructions included with each filter. After that, re-do the test.
  • Contents of packaging

  • 1 x 10 ml bottle with Black Berkey Red Food Dye + pipette.
  • Ingredients: Water, stabilizer E422, coloring agents: E124*, E102*, E122*, preservatives: E211, E202, acidity regulator E330. *E124, E102, and E122 can influence children's activity and concentration.

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