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Mineral Gemstone Blend

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Mineral Gemstone Blend vitalizing your water

Een basismengsel van waterrevitalisering bestaande uit rozenkwarts Most gemstones are formed in either the crust or the very top layer of the earth's mantle in the molten magma bubbling in the depths of the world, but only peridot and diamonds are formed deep in the mantle. All gems, however, are mined in the crust where they can cool to solidify in the crust, which is made up of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock.


Bergkristal (kwarts) gecombineerd met carnelian, rozenkwarts, rode jaspis steen, Amethist, Oranje calciet.

How To Use

To revitalize your water, put the mineral crystals in the lower chamber of your Berkey. It is important that you clean the chambre of the Berkey and the mineral crystals on a frequent basis to avoid bacterial growth. Wash the mineral crystals and Berkey 2 weekly in soapy water, rinse, and allow to dry. Once a month place the mineral crystals outside for 24 hours. This will expose the crystals to the natural piezoelectric and solar frequencies, therefore binding the biophotons into the geometric structure of the crystals.

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