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Berkey BioFilm Water Purification Liquid

Quick Overview

  • Prevents clogging of Black Berkey filter elements
  • Stored water is shelf-stable for up to 5 years
  • Keeps your Berkey filtration system in top condition!


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Berkey BioFilm Water Purification Liquid

Berkey BioFilm Water Purification Liquid counteracts algae formation in filter elements. This promotes the life of your Berkey water filter and makes stored water last longer.

Black Berkey filters are usually wet and filled with water. Over time, this results in algae formation in the filters, which lowers the quality of the water. So, prevent your Black Berkey filter elements from clogging up!

Furthermore, the BioFilter also promotes the shelf life of stored water. Usually, a jerry can of stored water needs to be changed about every six months. This action is necessary to prevent microorganisms such as algae from growing. With the addition of the water purification liquid, water can be kept for up to five years and regular changing of the water is not necessary!

Copper test

With the supplied copper test, water that has been stored for a long time can be tested to see if it is still drinkable. You do this by pouring a small amount of water into the testing tube. The results and their meaning can be found in the instructions.

Use of the Berkey BioFilm Water Purification Liquid

The BioFilm Water Purification Liquid is easy to use with these quick steps:

  • 1. Remove the cap.
  • 2. Prepare your Berkey Water Filter by filling it with tap water
  • 3. Add 1 drop per 1.9 L of water
  • Caution! When purifying very polluted water such as lake, stream or river water, it is advisable to add 1 drop per 0.95 L of water.
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